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Quakertown PA - Key West FL

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    Nice trip.....

    Originally posted by sethhope View Post
    Then I get to start planning the next one.
    Although it's certainly not the LD Florida run you just completed, the Vintage Yamaha Rally would be a good choice in Stecoah NC. There are a couple guys in your area that make the trip (i.e. Earl - Allentown?, David - New Jersey, Heidi & Dan - Swiftwater)

    Looks like the trip was a lot of fun. Glad to had a safe ride!

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      Way to go, Seth!

      I've been following along and you did a good ride, thank you for the pictures, too!
      -- Scott

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        Originally posted by sethhope View Post
        And in the meantime, I can begin planning my next adventure! Anyone here do a NY to LA run before? Thinking i'll go visit my sis in cali.

        LD cross country, Go for It
        724 5th Avenue to 720 Wilshire Blvd probably not.
        but a Worcester to Oxnard, maybe

        These bikes do the miles well as long as they are serviced properly. Many of the XSives here have put some serious LD and cross country miles on their XS11's, in pretty extreme conditions. Depends on the time of year you ride but the Central states and Western states offer some fun and exciting challenges that riding on the east coast doesn't. Plan that ride and go check it out. and post a ride report like you did for your Key West run.

        Of course, many great road choices and lots of interesting things to see depending on how much time you have to get from Penna to Calif. If you have time constraints then maybe recommend putt-putt west and iron butt the return.
        • PHL-LAX on American or EWR-LAX on United is cheap, but it sure isn't as much fun.

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          IBA rally XS1100

          Hey Seth, thought you would like to read this thread from 2013 when a fellow XSive here... Scott Thornton rode his XS1100 in the IBA rally...11 days...11000 miles and bonus stops too...

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