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    I see $8,900 for a can of black spray paint. I see a lot of bikes in this style that could bring money. This isn't one of them. Compare this to Kurt's bike. The detail isn't even close.
    Marty (in Mississippi)


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      Hmmmm, rather easy to make the jump into instant criticism on the bike. What's missing is the starting point pics..... Right now I'm seeing an adulterated XS11. Need more info to judge but I'll use two likely scenarios: If someone, who's colorblind and has limited cash, got a mess of a chassis and few totes of "most of the parts are there" that would otherwise end up as another XS VIN removed from existence and put in effort to recover the XS to road worthy status instead of wasting away endless summer nights playing "video games" with a sought after digital 2D girlfriend on a high definition monitor, then I think I'd be inclined to opinionate credit due status. Or if a kid inherited dad's dust covered but otherwise just fine XS and a pile of cash then took it to some local "motorcycle customs shop" and convinced the owner to make it look like his newly acquired Mustang so he can take cool selfies, then I'm thinking.......... and the aforementioned sought after girlfriend was, still, not all that impressed so the attempt to recover $$ is now the plan.

      Insonima, does wonders to the 2am thoughts, but..... I'm sure I would not free up space in my garage for this bike even if the asking price was paid out as disposal fee included....

      Kurt, Compliments on the sweet build with your kid.


      3:15am insight: If/when the bike sells and the new owner joins, starts a post with pics about his newly acquired "prize". Uhhhh, how do I stop laughing?
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          I really see nothing wrong with putting together a bike like that. And if you’re selling, you can ask what you want. However, asking that much for that machine is going to draw criticism.
          Marty (in Mississippi)


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            Originally posted by tommystinson View Post
            ...Boss 302? Er, what?
            ”Boss, I am 302 brain waves short so I won’t be into work and am in self-quarantine out of shame”.


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