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Looking for a motorcycle mechanic for my xs1100 mns

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  • Looking for a motorcycle mechanic for my xs1100 mns

    In Ohio and looking for a trustworthy motorcycle mechanic to work on my 1980 xs11 mns. Wanting to get back on the road again🏍

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    No offense intended, but if you're going to ride a 40 year old bike you should know how to fix it because none of the new computerised, fuel injected bike techs these days have a clue about these bikes. Just sayin'.

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      I hear ya loud and clear, that's exactly why I'm in need of a mechanic who works specifically on my bike, if I could I would, but I can't so I ain't. I'm not exactly mechanically inclined and know my limitations.


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        Just curious...What Kind of problems are you having with it? Some guys may be better suited to work on carbs or engines or electrical problems.

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          Transmission issues, the trans was slipping, will not go out of 1st gear, need the trans removed, undercut and replaced is my understanding


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            was it sounding like a machine gun? If it is stuck in first, may be behind the cover on the shifter side. The star plate is known to problems.
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              When I was able to shift to 2nd there's a definite jumping and or extreme vibration of the 2nd gear. I then have to put it immediately into 3rd. This just started after I had flatslide carbs installed. Not sure if the carbs have any thing to do with it. Its almost like it has too much power or torque.


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                There are plenty of people on here that have done your type of repair, hopefully someone near you will take it on. A shop would charge a small fortune and may not even do it correctly.
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                  2H7 (79)