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Cleaning out the clutter - XS11 Tank - Carbs - Etc.

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    Originally posted by dbbrian View Post
    Hi Kurt
    I see brake discs in that pile. Are those for a 78, and is one of them good?
    DAMN! Brian my friend.... that pile of stuff went to the dump. Unfortunately, it did contain several earlier model discs in good+ condition. I've put the slotted discs (later XS and XJ) on all of my bikes. I MAY have one or two left... I'll take a look around but I am dumping a LOT of XS11 parts in the trash can. I just don't have the space for spare parts for several different model machines. I'm keeping the most valuable/expensive and hard to find stuff (Carbs, Tanks, ECM's, Gauges). Most everything else is going in the trash.

    You might check with JeffH. He upgraded a couple of his E's to newer brake rotors. He may have a couple good ones.


    Kurt Boehringer
    Peachtree City, Georgia

    1970 - CT70K0 - Mini-Trail
    1979 - XS1100SF - Pensacola
    1980 - XS1100SG - The Duck
    1980 - XS1100SG - Mayberry Duck
    1981 - XS1100SH - DEAD Duck Café
    1981 - XJ550 Maxim - Nancy's Mini-Max
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    1986 - FJ1200 - - Georgia Maverick
    1992 - FZR1000 - Genesis
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      Thanks Kurt.

      Andreas has sent a bunch of stuff in the mail for me. So I'll see if that will be enough to get me rolling again.

      It does seem that the rotors are expensive to get new, so any in good shape are worth keeping.

      '78 XS1100E (the newest bike I've ever owned)
      '74 CB350F1 (under restoration)
      '72 RT2 MX360 (gone but not forgotten)


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        I saw your ad for XS11 parts.
        Would you have a cylinder #4 carb body or whole carb for a 1979 XS11? Someone snapped off the pilot screw into the hole and I cannot get it out.
        I also need 4 pilot screws as well.

        I need a square headlight bucket and left, right fork ears as well.

        I live in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

        thank you,
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