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    XS/XJ Electronic Fuel Injection
    Replace your carbs with EFI

    by Stan Hutchison, 10/13/06

    In February '06, I decided to replace my carburetors on an '82 Yamaha XJ1100 Maxim motorcycle with an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system; and upgrade the ignition system. The results were amazing; my mileage when from 32 mpg to 44-47 mpg, the bike starts easier, and runs great. I built a website to document the project, Stan’s XJ1100 Fuel Injection Project.

    Stan Hutchison's XJ EFI Project

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    I wish we had a good link to this


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      Originally posted by Bill Woods View Post
      I wish we had a good link to this
      Since Stan's archive is likely gone, here is another post with at least a little info, discussion & photo's.

      You can search for user: 81xsproject with date of 4-5-2009 if this link doesn't work

      There are other EFI discussions in the Archives you can search.
      Maybe some of the others online here that have messed with the XJ or XS EFI can get you more background info if you are interested in doing an EFI project.

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        Getting Stan's EFI page rehosted was actually the impetus for me getting started on upgrading the xs11 website. His site has been faithfully rehosted at the following location.

        Click image for larger version

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