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Horn/Turn Signals Intermittent.

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    Originally posted by cajun31 View Post
    I forgot to add one other thought. If you really want to clean your connections go to Radio Shack online... and invest in a can of Deoxit. Spray all your connectors down with it and it will remove every spec of oxidation. Been doing that on all my bikes and it works wonders.
    I agree, Deoxit D5 spray is a great product, although it has it's limitations.

    I buy it on Amazon and use it for many jobs.
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      Isolated the issue. Wiring cluster coming out of the controls on the handle bar. Iā€™m going to work my way towards the fuse box. Thank you all for your suggestions. Definitely will begin the process of cleaning the connections and replace stock fuse box with the one suggested using blade fuses
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        Ok, replaced all bulbs
        Cleaned connectors to wiring harness in windjammer.
        Checked rear turn signal connections and noticed frayed broken wire coming from the Vetter top box.

        ... noticed that when bike is under load, the left turn does flash, but slowly. The right turn signal is working correctly.

        I also noticed I have a 3 prong flasher/relay.

        Currently have the battery on a tender to see if there is a voltage issue.

        2017 CRF 250 Rally
        1979 XS 1100
        1985 Porsche 944
        1991 Alfa 164


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          Ok, more Frankenstein bike issues.
          Left rear turn signal, this is the one giving me problems, is set up for a 1156 bulb
          Right turn signal, works, is set up for an 1157 bulb.
          Flasher Is working. I can hear it click

          I noticed on the left turn signal there is a piece of copper that is missing when compared to the right.,
          2017 CRF 250 Rally
          1979 XS 1100
          1985 Porsche 944
          1991 Alfa 164


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            Well, the rear signals should be 1156, one positive wire to the bulb and the housing is grounded by a wire inside the frame behind the mounting nut. New replacement units are available if you can't straighten those out. I can't really tell what that copper thing is.
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              Some types of maintenance free batteries can give up the ghost while riding.
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                I'm riding an '82 XJ1100. My emergency flashers no longer work, which is fine, I don't care. However, If I switch them "ON" (the switch is mounted on the right handle bar), when my turn signals stop working. Your problem could be related to this circuit.
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