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  • Jewelry

    So me and SWMBO have sightly different viewpoints on many things, but particularly on jewelry. We both agree "Ooooh! Shiny!" is a good start. Her idea is usually precious metals and gems. My idea, on the other hand, is refurbing the cosmetics on my 80G. Plating on the badges and clear coat on the side covers wearing off and needed help. Tried stick-on gold model foil on the raised lettering but the results were less than stellar. Side covers got the ROYAL treatment. With the guidance of a local paint shop, the Guru behind the counter sold me what was necessary to strip and apply three coats each of primer, color and clear to result in an EXACT color match. Leaving me alone to sniff around on E-Bay late at night is dangerous. Found cast metal ("brass") replica badges from an Australian seller (Cheers Mate!) - Oh Gawd they look amazing! Also found tank badges (the RIGHT ones) brand new from Florida. Might I add also, none of this was cheap, but my idea of bling has no cost limit. Now, this is no Concours resto, but my baby (in this case, not SWMBO) is gonna look SHARP. "You spent HOW much on your bike?" and spending wars have begun - wish me luck!

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    If you were going to buy a brand new bike (or SWMBO) it would cost you a small fortune. What you spent to dress your old bike (or SWMBO) is a drop in the bucket by comparison and yours is unique.

    Looks real nice 👍
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      My complements on the side covers restoration. The ROYAL treatment shows off a lot of pride in your work!

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        Nice work on the side covers. A man has to have his priorities in order. Or should I say a person?
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