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Look out for pits in the master brake cylinder

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  • Look out for pits in the master brake cylinder

    Rebuilt my 7200 mile master cylinder on my 79 a while back only to have weird brake feel. It was good lever then if you relaxed the grip slightly and applied pressure again it would bleed down. A couple of bleed downs and the lever was on the grip. I took it all apart to see if something was put together wrong and all the seals were installed properly. Deep in the bore had some pitting that I didn't notice before hand.

    My 80 parts bike had its master still so I cleaned that one up and the bore was good. The cup is all weathered and crusty. They changed the master slightly from 79 Special to 80 Std so my nice cup wouldn't work but I do have good brakes now. I do not like the plastic cups, they seem prone to leakage.
    1979 XS1100 Special
    1980 XS1100 Std parts bucket
    1987 ZL1000 Eliminator
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