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XS1100 - Huge Pile of Parts Need Gone

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  • XS1100 - Huge Pile of Parts Need Gone


    In a few days I'll be purchasing an xs11 that hasn't run for a few years and two donor bikes that are somewhat parted out. I'll use the parts I need to fix up the bike and I want to sell the rest because I live in a small apartment with my university roommates. The reason I'm selling the parts, not giving them away is, I need money to fix the bike, pay for insurance, and do maintenance. I don't yet know all parts in the parts pile I'm picking up, so message me with parts requests and Ill see if I have them. Ill probably have some extra wheels, engine parts, a windjammer and more.

    I'm based in atlantic canada.

    Also, I'm looking to put a cafe seat and cafe bars on the bike so mesage me if you have those parts and are interested in trading them for the stock handlebars and seat.

    This is my first post on this forum. I'm glad a community around this bike exists. I'm sure i'll be reading a lot of threads here when I get to fixing the bike.

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    Welcome to the group John.

    80 SG


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      Welcome John,
      In your profile add your location , nearest town and province. In your signature list the Model XS you have. These two things will help in both selling the parts you have and getting accurate advice in answer tp your questions.
      A ro;; of masking tape and a pen. Tag and identify each part you remove with the year and model it came from. If you don't know just add the VIN# so it can be identified in future.
      Good luck with your build. Please don't hack up the frame as that will destroy it's future value. Take stuff off and bolt things on to your hearts content to make it yours.

      Take pictures of what you start with and a new thread of your build.

      1981 XS1100 H Venturer ( Addie)
      1983 XJ 650 Maxim
      2004 Kawasaki Concours. ( Black Bear)


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        Interested in a xs11 standard fuel tank if you have one.