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  • stock xs1100 parts for sale-andreas

    send me a pm or call the land line, no calls after 8pm pacific. If you include a shipping location will quote a shipped price. 1 250 495 344five. Summary of current parts: octopus, std fuel sending unit, std petcocks, chrome for special petcocks, rear brake calipers/brackets/pads, f/r brake lines, modern blade type fuse block, fork seal and inner dust seal? for std forks (NOS), fork caps for special model, 1981 4r0 pickup coils, axles, 78e valves, 81sh jugs with pistons/rings/rods, 79sf complete engine, starters, middle/final drives, clutches, oil pumps, oil pan, rear brake lever, shifter, side stand, trans cover, bearing cover, oil lines, cam chain adjuster, clutch adjuster, clutch/throttle/speedo cable, speedo drive gear, special side reflectors, taillights, universal/drive shaft, rear wheel spline/white cover, special under tank plastic cover, engine bolts, most of the electrical plug ins to harness, rubber pieces, std gauges/cluster, special gauge cluster, std tank chrome tray, carb intake boots, air boxes, battery metal trays, throttle sleeves/grips, clutch adjuster round cover, emergency kicker, triple trees

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    need something let me know. Do not have the octopus.


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      No longer have battery boxes, throttle sleeve and grip, modern blade fuse block, standard fuel sending unit, fork seal and dust seal for std model,


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        updated list of parts left for sale: air boxes, stock shocks, non slotted brake rotors, swing arm, universal and drive shaft, special gauge clusters(no gauges), std complete gauge clusters with gauges, triple trees, front and rear brake lines, rear calipers/brackets, front and rear axles, inner fenders, taillights, rear brake levers/shaft/spring, emergency kicker, 81sh jugs with matching pistons/rings/rods, rear wheel spline, white dust cover for final drive, final drive, middle drive, clutches, starters, regulators, solenoids, rlu, tip over switch, ballast resistor, aux fuse block, flasher relay, front and rear brake switches, temp sensor, neutral safety switch, metal oil lines, intake manifold metal clamps, most of the frame rubber bits, complete bag of bolts/clips/etc from dismantling an engine, std rear sets, front and rear foot pegs, oil pan, oil filter bolts/cup, engine rubber mounts and bolts, driver quality 81sh rear and front fender, incomplete std rear fender(only chrome part), misc nuts/bolts/screws/clamps/clips from bike, speedo drive gear, 25 drawer screw bin full of specific xs1100 bits and bobs, std speedo cable, throttle cable, shifters, special side reflectors, chrome for special petcocks, clutch adjusters(upper and lower) ,std tank chrome tray, 81sh complete 4r0 pickup coil assemblies (everything under left engine cover) side stands, one titled project a 78e std model, estimate approx 500 pounds of parts left on the shelf, if picking up in person at shop door will entertain a bulk buy price on what you want. Osoyoos bc.
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          Hi Andreas

          I want to put out a big thanks to you and let others know how happy I am with the parts you sent !!!

          After a catastropic rear brake fire, I needed some new stuff. I asked for a rear rotor (brake disc) and a caliper bracket. Andreas sent me what I said I needed, plus a lot more, such as bolts, extra piston, brackets, caliper, clips, and other related items. I quickly learned that those extra things were in fact needed, and the parts that were sent still assembled were a great reference when rebuilding mine.

          The rotor is excellent, thickness is well above minimm spec and looks nice too.

          Thanks so much for getting me back on the road, for a very reasonable cost. Andreas is a HUGE resource for any XS11 owner! If you need parts check him out.

          Picture below is ASSEMBLY IN PROGESS - see NEW ROTOR below next to the wheel.

          BIG THANKS TO MAXIMPHIL, could NOT have completed this assembly without your help!

          Click image for larger version  Name:	REBUILDING REAR BRAKE.jpg Views:	0 Size:	70.0 KB ID:	859934


          Click image for larger version  Name:	After testing rear brake.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.5 KB ID:	859936

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            Hi Brian,
            My pleasure. I mostly just watched and ate your food and drank your beer
            Good job.
            1981 XS1100 H Venturer ( Addie)
            1983 XJ 650 Maxim
            2004 Kawasaki Concours. ( Black Bear)


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              no longer have any pickup coil assemblies in the parts pile, thanx andreas