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How fast do I have to go? A guide to time and speed management while touring

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  • How fast do I have to go? A guide to time and speed management while touring

    Calculate average speeds with rest stops

    How to use this table

    I created this table to help you plan trips. Time and speed management is an important skill to master to make sure you get to your destination in the time alloted. This table will tell you what speed you have to go in order to average a certain mph. "What's the big deal," you ask. "If I'm going 600 miles and I drive 60 mph then I'll get there in 10 hours. Right?" Wrong! You forgot about stopping for rest/gas/etc.

    If you want to average a certain mph, this chart will help you figure out how fast you will have to go based on how long you stop per hour. If you stop for 20 minutes every two hours, you'll use the 10 minute scale (since this is a per hour chart).

    Example: Lets say you want to average 65 mph and you stop for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Look across the top for the speed you want to average (65). Follow the column down until you find the 7.5 min row (15 minutes every 2 hours is 7.5 min per hour). Where the column and row cross is how fast you'll have to go the whole time you're not stopped (72 mph).

    Obviously, the longer you stop the faster you'll have to go to keep your average speed from falling.

    I've now color coded the speeds. 65 mph and below is green, 75 and below is yellow, 85 and below is red and above 85 is purple. That way you'll always know what is still only 10 over.

    Length of rest stop (in minutes) per hour

    To average


    ride this fast the rest of the hour

    2 min4748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737476777879808182838485868788
    2.5 min4748495051525354555657585961626364656667686970717273747576777879808182838586878889
    3 min4748495152535455565758596061626364656667686971727374757677787980818283848586878889
    3.5 min4849505152535455565758596162636465666768697071727374757678798081828384858687888990
    4 min4849505153545556575859606162636465666869707172737475767778798081838485868788899091
    4.5 min4950515253545556575859616263646566676869707172747576777879808182838485868889909192
    5 min4950515253555657585960616263646567686970717273747576777980818283848586878889919293
    5.5 min5051525354555657585961626364656667686970727374757677787980818384858687888990919294
    6 min5051525354565758596061626364666768697071727374767778798081828384868788899091929394
    6.5 min5052535455565758596162636465666768707172737475767779808182838485868789909192939495
    7 min5152535455575859606162636566676869707172747576777879808283848586878889919293949596
    7.5 min5153545556575859616263646566676970717273747577787980818283858687888990919394959697
    8 min5253545557585960616263656667686970727374757677788081828384858788899091929395969798
    8.5 min5254555657585961626364656668697071727375767778798082838485868789909192939496979899
    9 min53545556585960616264656667686971727374757678798081828485868788899192939495969899100
    9.5 min535556575859616263646567686970717274757677788081828384868788899091939495969799100101
    10 min5455565859606162646566676870717273747677787980828384858688899091929495969798100101102
    10.5 min5556575859616263646567686970727374757678798081828485868788909192939596979899101102103
    11 min55565859606162646566676970717273757677788081828384868788899192939496979899100102103104
    11.5 min565758596162636466676869717273747577787980828384858788899092939495969899100101103104105
    12 min5658596061636465666869707173747576787980818384858688899091939495969899100101103104105106
    12.5 min57585961626364666768697172737576777880818283858687889091929395969799100101102104105106107
    13 min575960616364656668697071737475777879808283848687888991929394969798100101102103105106107109
    13.5 min585961626365666768707172747576777980818384858688899092939495979899101102103105106107108110
    14 min5960616364656768697072737476777880818283858687899091939495979899100102103104106107108110111
    14.5 min59616263656667697071737475767879808283848687889091929495969899100102103104105107108109111112
    15 min606163646567686971727375767779808183848587888991929395969799100101103104105107108109111112113