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cam chain adjuster plug

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  • cam chain adjuster plug

    I know I saw a post about this on here, but I couldn't find it. Pardon the repetition.
    What is the deal with this plug? What is it made out of? What I have appears to be metal, with some sort of hole in the middle. I can't make out an allen or torx head on it, and there is always a drop of oil hanging in the AM when I go to start it. It's hard to tell if it leaks all the time because of all the gunk on the motor, but you have to guess that it is.
    I can't see this as being the source of my oil mystery, but it's making a mess of my pipes.
    I tried to goop it with Permatex after I cleaned it off, but no go on that.
    What's my best bet? Thanks.

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    The P/N for the correct plug is 90338-14004-00. Yamaha dealer carries them for a couple of bucks. Don't forget that the o-ring and base gasket can leak also. Try the plug first.
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      Ok, here's the front view of the cam chain tensioner, with the plug removed sitting off to the side.

      Click image for larger version

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      Here's where the o ring is, under the lock nut on the side.

      Click image for larger version

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      If you just clean out the front part of the tensioner, you can either get the correct cap for it, or put a glob of RTV over it to keep it from dripping.
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