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special - front brake caliper torque?

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  • special - front brake caliper torque?

    Seems neither the service manual nor the supplement says what to torque the front brake caliper on the special to. I tried the 32ft lb that the manual says for the standard and snapped the m8x1.25x90mm bolt right off.

    32 seems high for a brake caliper, most bikes it's around 16. Anyone know what it's supposed to be?

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    Yes, you are right, no torque listing in the service manual for this. I would use the general torque spec. chart which says 11 ft/lb for an 8mm bolt. Same torque for the top nut.
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      I got new bolts on the way (grade 10.9 from McMaster), I'll use the general spec for those. Thanks!


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        Looks like 18 foot pounds.....24 fig newton meters.... (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

        From page 255 of the fOaR free service manual offered by C-Bug...(*^‿^*)

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Brake_Torque.png Views:	0 Size:	123.7 KB ID:	880587

        Also here-

        1978-79 Clymer Service Cheat-Sheet (1).pdf

        wuz wut I torqued both calipers to last time and they haven't fallen off or snapped off during braking.....yet. (^_^)

        I wish I could remember the places where the manual is INCORRECT as far as the right torques....(O_o)

        Listed somewheres here on the site I s'pose. I keep fegetting where tho...(_Oo)
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