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Hard to find parts; rear brake grommet and caliper slide bolts

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  • Hard to find parts; rear brake grommet and caliper slide bolts

    So finally got around to working on some box-o-parts projects I picked up over 10 years ago, and stuck on finding these last parts. The rubber grommet that mounts on the swing are and that brake torque arm slides over is nowhere to be found, I did some searching but it seems metric bushings/grommets are not very common. The other is the bolt that the calipers slide on, the shoulder on these bolts is larger diameter than the thread od so not a common design. I tried some keyword searches on the forum but nothing came up. anyone know where either of these items can be found? thanks in advance
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    Try Andreas
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      I have had trouble with the swingarm brake bracket bushing four times.

      The first three times, I bought an electrical grommet, but the slot was too thin, so I widened the sot on a bandsaw. It's tricky, so I usually tried it on 3-4 grommets and picked the best one.

      This past couple weeks, I've been working on my SF. After 6 years, the electrical grommet was getting hard and was cracking up. I tried something different this time. I wrapped the post with two stretched layers of silicone electrical tape. Then I put on two rubber garden hose washers. Of course the braket bracket pushes in between the two garden hose washers. Honestly, this seems a lot better than the grommet.
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        I just used a grommet from an assortment . Find one that fits the groove on the bracket / cut it and slide up on the pin and push the bracket up . Cant go anywhere and does the job . Up or forward , been so long cant remember .


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          I could have sworn that I used hex head cap screws to replace my bent caliper bolts. I think I got them at the Home Depot. They are usually hardened so I'm not worried about the strength.
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            thanks for the input, will have to keep an eye out for a grommet that is close. For the bolts I found some from a cbr600, they are just slightly shorter in the threaded area but have that same oversize shoulder under the slider. Maybe no issue with a regular cap screw, but they could affect how evenly the pads let off when you release the brake. Likely not issue for most folks, but this project bike I picked up the brakes had been stripped down and powder coated so none fo the fasteners were still with them.
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              If they didn't block the bold holes, you will need to strip the coating from the inside or NONE of the correct bolts will fit. Most places know that, but...
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