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    These engines ,all years, in the stock form, are built on the leaner side so the performance benefits the opening up of the breathing system on both ends if done properly.
    For my full dressed '80G with modified baffles in the "Skettis" I'm at the limit on the stock jetting with a stock air box and K&N filter.
    For a cruiser I'm ok with stock jetting and the plugs are a good color but when I build my '79SF It'll demand more fuel I'm sure.
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      Originally posted by cnap504 View Post
      I am impressed the 11 carburetes very well, it is smooth and quiet with stock exhaust. I put individual air filter pods, did away with the factory dual petcock system in favor of one manual Pingel valve.
      142.5 mains, 45 pilots, shimmed needles .030”, set fuel screws to 3 2/3rds out. The bike is coming along well. Need new tires front and rear before being comfortable with its road worthyness.
      Hey there Cnap,

      Just curious about what Pod filters you put on there? Sounds like you're an experienced builder, but wanted to make sure you knew about the problems "SOME" of the inexpensive pod filters can cause due to their prominent Mounting LIP/Stop on the inside of the rubber mount. They can block the ports on the carb's intake side and cause overly rich conditions, as well as poor and limited throttle/rpm's because they interfere with the vacuum slide ports as well! If you haven't seen them, check out the MODs section, Pods and Velocity stacks mods, you might want to change/add depending on what PODS you used!? JAT!

      Secondly, not sure how often you ride till you get to reserve,but you will have 1/2 of your reserve capacity with just the 1 petcock due to the split tank hump design!
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        Thanks for the tip about 1/2 reserve capacity.
        I did use inexpensive pod filters and yes they do have the lip you spoke of, so I mount them about an 1/8” short of being pushed flush on. It has worked for very short test rides, I’ll know more after a longer ride.


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          cnap504, You can also mark a "top" on each filter, and then trim the lip about 1/4" each side of the spaces needed on the carbs. The number of places depends on the model of carbs, but I think it's about three on your model. With that, you can then seat the filters and not have any problems with airflow restrictions.
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            Good tip, thanks