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Finding 3rd carb body

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    Originally posted by DiverRay View Post
    That is the proper TCI module for the engine. Big thing is check the wires on the pickup coils and make sure they aren't bad before you install everything. Pull on the wires and look for the insulation to deform into an hour glass shape. If it does not, your good. If it does, you will need to replace or repair the wires. When re-installing do NOT crimp the wires in the factory clamps!!! Just crimp slightly to keep the wires away from the spinning parts. The tight crimp is why the wires break, a factory defect from day one. If allowed to slide a bit, they will go for a LONG time.
    This is the stuff I need to know (and other above). My dad is a really talented mechanic, but he just bulls ahead on what he knows/did back "in the day" and doesn't pick up the small things. I am also a dedicated mechanic but I'm more detailed oriented and slow. This forum is fantastic; you guys are gems. I am putting up a pic of one of our restorations/revivals below (this was pure him) so you know we are not hacks.

    Here's a pic of his '81 KZ1100 he did a few years ago, in my brothers garage now. I have a line on a '94 ZX-1100, looking at it on Weds I hope (project, not running). Plus I have always wanted a Blackbird. We get all those in the family and nicely restored, it will be quite an amusing collection.

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      Nice looking KZ! I had to rebuild a 900 back in the day. Friend is about 350lb, dropped the clutch and spun the crank! Put the engine back together with a welded crank. He ran that bike for another five years before getting something bigger.
      Ray Matteis
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      XS1100 SF Bob Jones worked on it!


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        It lives. This is what a couple of days sitting in the easy chair eating chocolate and watching football can do for your. Time to sit and thing about what might be wrong and you might have overlooked.

        Had to replace a valve, new carb body and a float. Wires are loose/not deformed as described. Carbs aren't synced but runs very smoothly and sounds good revving through the range.

        Last big thing is to de-scale the tank, line it, paint it and re-assemble. Then on to some detail cosmetic work.


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          Oro... I know hearing it run just adds to the inspiration to get it done. I just wanted to comment that I have had great success with filling tanks up with apple cider vinegar. The acid is very good at removing the rust. I fill mine up . .let it sit for a minimum of 2 days then I dump the vinegar... filtering and saving it for future use... then I take the tank out to my hose and run water through it for a while. I then take my heat gun on low setting and hold it in the tank fill port until I completely dry the inside of the tank. I then dump about a cup of marvel mystery oil in it and slosh it around. I do not line the tank unless I discover pin holes in it. Really don't need to.
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