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Seat comfort 79 Special

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  • Seat comfort 79 Special

    Would it be sacrilege to take apart my seat and install new foam and cover? It's in perfect looking condition with very little rippling and the emblem is in great condition (bike has less than 8k on it). My issue is with the vinal pattern seems to have stiffened up making it like sitting on a cheese grater. The seat foam is also 40+ years old and doesn't feel as supportive as it should be.

    I would like more of a step in the seat lowering my position by an inch but keeping the padding for the wife. The Texavana seats seem to get good reviews but comfort doesn't score high. My thinking is that mine can be re-done for around what the tattered ones are listed for on ebay.

    1979 XS1100 Special
    1980 XS1100 Std parts bucket
    1987 ZL1000 Eliminator
    1976 XS750D Project in waiting

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    Your options are few. '79 Special seats are getting rare. If you don't cut the pan, it can be restored.
    Marty (in Mississippi)


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      I've put some closed cell foam on the pan, and the stock foam on top of that. It still needs work, but should be ready by spring. Cost is small when you do it yourself, and you can have a "professional" do the final work and save money.
      Ray Matteis
      XS1100 E '78 (winter project)
      XS1100 SF Bob Jones worked on it!