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Project Bike First 200 miles first impressions.

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    It would be easier for me just to machine my own out of aluminum lol. I'll probably upgrade to a big bore MC and drop in some progressive springs, and run 15W and 1atm in the forks.

    I say 1atm as in no more additional air added to the forks.

    As far as the rear brake goes, I think another big bore rear MC would be expensive and overkill. Considering I alresdy put in 4x what I paid for the bike into it already.


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      A big bore MC will lose "feel". I know, BTDT. With stainless lines just slightly smaller gives you more control.
      See if you can find TKat online. He was the one building the braces with a CNC. He may have the programs if he still is using his email. I know he sold the shop and is now mostly in his motorhome, probably still riding. email
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      Ray Matteis
      XS1100 E '78 (winter project)
      XS1100 SF Bob Jones worked on it!