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First Ride of the 2019 Season

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  • First Ride of the 2019 Season

    This past Saturday was a beautiful day in New Jersey .... I spent most of it assembling dome-monkey bars for my Granddaughters ..... THEN I took everything out of the garage and put it all back with The Snow Blower in the back, and the XS11 in the front!!!!!

    Well, the sun was still out, so I topped off the air in the tires and fired up those 1100 cc's .... rode to Sunoco for some fresh gas .... and took the (long) Sceanic Route home.

    It started great and ran great. Unfortunately it is chilly outside again, but hoping for many more warm weekends for the Spring of 2019!

    Safe & Happy Riding everyone
    1979 XS1100 Special - On the Road
    1973 RD350 - In the Shed

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    Good sign

    That all worked out nice, great start to your season!
    '78 XS1100E (the newest bike I've ever owned)
    '74 CB350F1 (under restoration)
    '72 RT2 MX360 (gone but not forgotten)


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      I had the xs850 out last weekend also...took a trip up rt 87 and it was great. It started up just like it ran yesterday! It’s pretty nice again this weekend here in Pa but I’ve come down with a horrible spring cold. Omg I’ve been hacking and blowing all weekend, running a fever too! I think we’ll be cutting grass by next weekend. Ah springtime in Pa. You get all four seasons in one day.
      79 XS11 Special (Lazarus)
      80 XS850 Special (Old Faithful)
      80 XS11 Standard sorta stock (Beatrice)
      79 DT 100