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Mention user; new vb5 feature

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  • Mention user; new vb5 feature

    In the new version of the vBulletin software you can mention a user. When a user is mentioned, their name shows up as a link and includes a tiny version of their avatar photo. The mentioned user will also get an email letting them know they were mentioned. Mentioned email notifications can be disabled in your profile settings. Here is an example of a mentioned user.

    That nezzer guy is really smart and extremely good looking.

    To mention a user, type the @ symbol then the first few letters of their user name. An auto complete list will pop up. For names with spaces, you will need to surround their name in quotes.
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    Not only is that nezzer guy smart and good looking, he is also extremely generous with his time and talent!

    BTW: How do we get the emoji to work?
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      The smilies are working now. There was a bug in vBulletin. They switched from gif's to png's but didn't change the paths the software was looking for. While researching that I briefly looked into adding emoji support. Turns out its not trivial in vb5 and requires database structure changes. We will stick with the built in smilies and skip emojies, which I now understand are two different things.