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XS1100 for sale with 770 original miles on it (Located in Rockland County, NY)

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  • XS1100 for sale with 770 original miles on it (Located in Rockland County, NY)

    As the title says, I got a XS1100 for sale with 770 original miles on it.

    Bike was sitting in the previous owners garage for the last 40 years as he never got to ride the bike and eventually he ended up buying something smaller as the XS scared him.

    Fast forwards 4 decades later... I buy the bike from someone who was planning to restore it, but never got around to it as he had his own bike and his customer bikes to build, and this was more of a labor of love for him. I was hoping to be the person that would restore the bike, but I went off the finish college away from home and never really got the chance to properly give it the time that it needs/deserves. Now that I'm back home and graduated, the bike is sitting in my garage collecting dust and I feel bad just having it sit there as I have three other projects that will also need to be built first (Including a XJ750 Midnight Maxim that is also for sale). Coming from a background mainly of cars (Hondas lol), I really need to finish both of my project cars first as I still feel that there is where my priorities lie, and that is where my passion for all things wrenching began. I have to admit, that when I bought the bike I was way over my head in thinking that I would have this thing up and back on the road sooner or later, but like I said before, time was not on my side. (and neither was the money, as I'm currently unemployed lol). I'm currently in the works of talking with someone who is willing to trade the bike for a 1993 Honda civic race car shell, as I feel that that will be easier to sell as the market for civics in NYS is a lot stronger than XS11s, and I also have a spare motor I can quickly pop in it, to flip it for some more money. Anyways, the reason why I created this thread is cause I understand that these bikes do have a niche market, and I also understand that my bike, while not in ridable condition, is still in original condition with all of its original parts, (minus the side covers, sorry), and the motor does still run. So I would ideally want this bike to go to someone who could fully restore it to how it originally was, has a lot more experience working with these bikes than I do, and give it the proper care that it deserves. This is my last ditch effort for this bike to go to a proper home, where it wont be chopped up and turned into a café racer or anything else.

    Ill recap what I said before...
    770 original miles
    1981 XS1100 Special
    Original everything, from fuse block to chrome exhaust pipes, calipers, seat, etc.
    Manual and factory Yamaha tools as well
    Bike comes with clean NJ title that was issued in 1982 with original 00 miles on the title (The little old brown slip title)
    Only things missing is the side covers and the twist throttle
    Tank is rusty, but not junk.
    Bike also has a rear flat, but does come with a brand new replacement Dunlop tire.

    Obviously with the bike not being ridden in 40 years, you guys would understand the maintenance that you would have to do to the bike. (Carb tuning, filters, engine oil, fork oil, hoses, etc.)

    Anyways, if it interests you, just leave me a reply and ill get back to you, and if you're not, thanks for at least reading.

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    The bike sounds great. Might want to just throw a price out there.
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      And photos always help too.