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1979 XS1100SF Garage Shrine

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  • 1979 XS1100SF Garage Shrine

    Hi, XSives.

    The last time I was at this site it was called, I believe. It's been an eon or two since and a great deal has transpired. Without going into a great deal of detail, I no longer ride. Medical reasons. I hugely miss riding, but such is life.

    I have the subject bike in my garage. It hasn't been ridden or started in many, many years and I am ashamed to say that I have neglected it, but it has always been garaged. This is the perhaps semi-famous YoMaha! that some may have read about over the web during USENET years. I haven't been able to part with it for emotional reasons, because I put many miles on the bike and it provided me with many smiles. It has to go.

    I suppose that a miracle worker with time on his hands could fully restore it, but I have neither the time nor the patience, and even so...I shouldn't ride. If you're not into working miracles, then I'm hoping you can put it to good use as a parts bike. If not, it will likely end up in a salvage yard, perhaps as soon as this weekend.

    I will not profit from the sale. I've already received a huge profit in memories. Your price? You arrange for and pay for the shipping.

    Let me know ASAP if you're interested. I will try to check back in this forum frequently, but it must go fast.


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    Steve, where are you located? I may be interested in giving your bike a good home. You have been a member here from the beginning I see.
    2H7 (79)


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      Like Phil said... we need to know where you are located. There may be someone that lives in the same city as you that would be willing to take the bike. Sorry to hear that you can't ride anymore. I fear there are many of us that will soon be in that same situation facing the same decision you are making today.
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        Hi, guys.
        I'm in Waukesha, WI, which is due West of Milwaukee and around 20 miles from Lake Michigan.


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          Well I'm going to pass on it Steve, 1500 miles is a bit far for me to have shipped or to pick up, thanks for the offer.
          2H7 (79)