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Wanted: 1980SG carburetor body

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  • Wanted: 1980SG carburetor body


    I am looking for a #1 and #4 carburetor body for my 1980SG that sat outside for a few years.

    I went to remove the idle circuit adjustment screw and it was seized. I tried soaking in penetrating oil for a few days, heat, etc. That didnt work, the screwdriver slot sheared off. I soaked it again, drilled for an extractor, heated, let cool, heated again, and then the extractor snapped off. I cut a vertical cross section to see if I could get a punch on the side of the screw to turn it out that way and it didnt move. I buggered it up pretty good!

    I haven't tried anything with the #4 carb but I assume the screw is stuck in that one too and I'll probably need to replace both.

    Any help with finding these parts is appreciated!

    1980 special
    stock except for 4 into 2 exhaust