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Rear brake and Enrichener

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    Interestingly, the number 1 cylinder is on the left side of the bike... if it is on side stand it will not come online on enrichener, but on center stand it will. leads me to believe an over rich mixture is occuring.


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      Or maybe the float is sticking when on a slight angle with the side stand.
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        What Phil said.

        Not to rain on the parade but if the carburetors were clean then all four Enricheners would work.

        The Enricheners are pretty basic. You can remove them to clean them by unscrewing them.
        You do have to split the carburetor bank because from memory Enrichener plungers #2, #3, and #4 won't come out all the way.

        If you have any type of problem with the carburetor floats then fix it.

        The floats can hang up while the bike is on the side stand, the gas leaks down the carburetor throat(s) into the cylinder(s) and then fills the crankcase with gasoline.

        Hydrolock or a fire is possible but mostly it just flows into the oil sump and totally overfills it, then thins the oil so you're basically using gasoline instead of oil for lubrication.
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