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79 only runs when starter engaged

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      Originally posted by BA80 View Post
      The red/white dotted line is the circuit you are working with. Somewhere a connector or switch is not making contact.

      After a 3 year hiatus from the XS11’s while writing my book and agent orange was trying to kill me, I finally started a new project yesterday and ran across a problem that I have never seen before. So as usual, I began searching for answers on this site. I want to thank BA80 for posting the very helpful simplified wiring diagram in post #15 of this 5 year old thread.

      I had the exact same problem that was discussed in the thread. The starter button didn’t work but the bike (79SF) would start up if I jumped the starter solenoid, but would not stay running and died immediately when removing the jumper. The fuses and wires all checked out ok. Eventually I found out that the problem was caused by a defective blade fuse holder for the 10 amp ignition fuse, which was supposed to be an upgrade from the old original fuse box. Because the fuse receptacle was loose, one fuse prong was not making good contact, or intermittent contact inside of the holder. Which I have pictured here:
      Hope this will help someone with a similar problem in the future.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	FuseHolder.JPG
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      Notice that the right receptacle has a nice clean curved tightness that the corroded left one does not have. Possible manufacturers defect?

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