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    Hello all,

    With winter fast approaching in these northern latitudes, what's a boy to do when presented with an unseasonably warm October day? Why, go for a ride, of course! Struck out east yesterday from home (Winnipeg) at the crack of 9:00 AM heading for Canadian Shield country. Whiteshell Provincial Park offers some nice twisties through fall forest colours this time of year and didn't dissapoint! Being late in the season and mid-week, very little traffic was to be found. Exceptions being other bikers also taking advantage of the weather and, instead of trading the usual polite hand jestures, enthsiastic waves/smiles were shared. Would share more pix but the battery in my antique cellphone decided to completely crap out just after my first pee break. Also, disconnected with the world, thoughs of terror entered my brain - what if the bike dies in the middle of nowhere? Those fears quickly faded as I boldly (foolishly?) ventured onward as years of blood, sweat, tears and investment paid off in spades, watching the odometer roll over past 93,000 km. Strong, dependable XS(G), the culmination of no small effort, carried me effortlessly on my adventures. How do you begin to describe this type of quasi-spiritual experience to a non-biker? Happy to still be able to enjoy such moments, as I'm not getting any younger. This was made possible in no small way by the Club members who have always been there to provide me with great advice and resources in the resurrection of my old friend from the almost-dead. Thank You!

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    Nice read, color is just starting to come on here in PA. I love riding in the cool weather with all the gear on.
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      Beautiful, I'm with you on the getting older and enjoying the rides I get even more. Every time I start it up it still brings me joy and I refuse to give it up. Fall days are the best for sure.
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