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WTB: Carb Rack Assy for 1979 XS110SF

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  • WTB: Carb Rack Assy for 1979 XS110SF


    I'm on the hunt for a rebuildable carb rack for a new-to-me 1979 Special. It is a barn find in decent overall condition. I was under the impression that the carbs were virgins, but alas after removal it became clear they have been somewhat butchered. Three of the four bodies have significant damage: 1 broken screw tab for Float Bowl, 1 broken float pivot Tower, 2 needle tips broken/lodged in place, Also, the choke lever is broke off & missing the plastic tab. The brass all looks like OEM original and can be cleaned and reused - except for two of the broken needle adjustment screws. And, all four CV diaphragms are in useable condition, (Interestingly, the mixture adjustment screws still had the plastic OEM limit caps on them - but the stop tabs were all wrenched off.)

    Anyway, I am hoping I can find a rebuildable set for less that the prices commanded on Ebay. If anyone here has a decent set they'd part with for minimal $ to help me resurrect this old Yamaha, please message me. Thanks in advance for your consideration...